Sage CRM

Automate and simplify processes to make the most of every relationship

Sage CRM helps business like yours automate and simplify sales processes to make the most of every sales opportunity.

Sage CRM tracks all sales activities, from contacts, leads and opportunities to communications, calendar items and service calls, as well as social, mobile and other marketing campaigns. 

Tightly integrated with Sage, and industry-leading ERP systems, Sage CRM provides a 360-degree view of all customer activity and facilitates seamless collaboration between front-office (sales) and back-office (finance) operations. Sage CRM now offers cloud as well as on-premise installations to fit your preference. 

It's easy to use, with a short learning curve for sales, marketing and customer service teams to get up to speed quickly and make them more effective with customer interactions.

Sage CRM helps you to:

  • Aim your sales team at the most winnable deals.
  • Take action based on configurable, key customer information.
  • Get visibility into key indicators to make data-driven decisions faster.
  • Target your marketing campaigns to increase ROI.
  • Delight customers utilizing seamless tools with integrated insights.

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