Gain total control of warehouse, inventory, purchasing and shipping operations

A rapidly evolving retail landscape is forcing wholesale distributors to update their business processes to meet strict labeling, packing, shipping, and invoicing protocols.  One late order can mean lost revenue and charge backs and negatively impact your brand and reputation with customers.

The Arxis Wholesale Distribution solution combines warehouse management, inventory control, EDI, and accounting system to give you the complete control you need to respond quickly as orders come in.  You’ll build better communications and teamwork between inventory, purchasing, sales and shipping organizations.


The Arxis Wholesale Distribution Industry Solution enables you to:


  • Efficiently manage inventory levels to ensure that adequate stock on hand to fill customer orders without overstocking
  • Allocate orders according to predefined business criteria, and distribute orders according to optimal staff workloads and picking strategies
  • Boost inventory accuracy by automatically reconciling invoicing and item stocking
  • Ensure that returns are accurately and efficiently tracked from initial request through final resolution
  • Provide access to sales trends to help leverage market pricing and better manage cash flow
  • Process several orders at a time, and to pack products directly into final shipping cartons — all in a single pass through the warehouse
  • Give full visibility into customer sales history to be more proactive with product recommendations


And as your business changes, Arxis works closely with you to continuously keep you aligned with the most current business technology and standards.