Not-for-Profit Industry Solution

Transform your finances to minimize overhead & better support your mission

Not-for-profit organizations are driven by their mission to impact a community or cause, but they are also businesses that need to operate efficiently to succeed. They often face the reality of working with limited resources, manual business processes and outdated technology, and many have operations in multiple countries with disparate accounting systems and compliance standards to meet.

Arxis provides specialized expertise for helping NGOs and non-profits achieve their business objectives to make a stronger commitment to their charter.  By centralizing financial operations, CFOs and controllers can get more timely, accurate and reliable financial information, preserve audit trails, and gain more control over the process.


The Arxis Not-for-Profit Industry Solution can help:

  • Provide a centralized accounting system that can manage multi-country and multi-currency transactions
  • Easily track projects, funds, donations, grants, volunteers and other personnel
  • Give users from around the world access to the same, real-time information, from accounting to sales and field operations
  • Better manage and provide access to documents and contracts
  • Apply a user-friendly interface to facilitate adoption and faster information processing


With Arxis Not-for-Profit solutions, you can effectively manage not only the processes that are the lifeblood of your business, but also the relationships of people who’s ultimate goal is to help those in need.