Industry Solution

Achieve optimal results with a reliable inventory and production system

Many manufacturing operations often rely on guesswork to meet customer demand.  When do I need to buy certain components, and what quantity? What do we need to make, and when does it need to be completed and shipped?  Companies often have too much of some inventory items and not enough of others.

But guesswork doesn’t get the job done, especially if you’re dealing with heavy demand or multiple items.  It’s critical to understand the constant movement of inventory and accurate timing and delivery of product.


The Arxis Manufacturing Industry Solution helps you:


  • Efficiently manage every aspect of the production process, including forward and backward scheduling to order parts, managing the production floor, and delivering to commitment
  • Lower costs with just-in-time inventory by carrying only as much inventory as you need and meeting customer demand
  • Enhance visibility into the production process so you can make delivery commitments to customers with confidence
  • Improve traceability of manufacturing to understand the impact one problem will have on the rest of the business, and how to address it proactively
  • Understand the profitability of your operation and where you can invest dollars to expand



Arxis’ experts bring specialized talent and experience to your engagement to ensure that every process is in motion to satisfy your production requirements.