Field Service Industry Solution

Streamline operations across sales, service, equipment and inventory

For companies that sell, install or service high-value, technical or industrial products, Arxis offers a complete field service management solution. Arxis expands your service capabilities to respond faster to customer requirements, deliver more value-added services for a better overall customer experience, and expand your geographical reach to serve customers in any international location through subcontractors, or through mergers and acquisitions with local providers.


The Arxis Field Service Management Industry Solution helps you:

  • Change operational processes to support new offerings such as multi-vendor product support, service contracts and customer self-service
  • Support multiple offices, warehouses, service centers and field technicians
  • Streamline multiple information systems, including accounting, sales, service, equipment and inventory control databases
  • Perform foreign currency conversions and reporting for those doing business internationally
  • Provide 24 x 7 support across multiple time zones


Better relationships enhance long-term shareholder value, increased sales, lower costs and grow profits.