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O2 was designed by process manufacturing experts for process manufacturers. From customer specifications and formula engineering / costing to production, quality control, regulatory reporting and security, what we present to you is a complete system for managing your whole business cycle. O2 has the tools necessary to eliminate the "islands of data" that many companies find exist in formulation, quality control, planning and production departments, and to make the entire enterprise visible to those who are making daily critical decisions. Written in the Sage 100 ERP toolset, O2 is engineered for seamless integration into the Sage 500 ERP.

Key features of O2 Process Manufacturing include:

  • Enterprise level formula, lab, production and MSDS / Compliance reporting system
  • Dynamically generate compliance (SARA, HAPS, MSDS) reporting
  • Catch weight (dual unit of measure) functionality enabled throughout O2 and Sage 500 ERP inventory / distribution
  • Full featured formula manufacturing software with lot attributes, QC control and more
  • Formula and production batch security
  • Unlimited nutritional and chemical lot attributes with calculations and formula rollups
  • Screen level customizability using Sage 500 ERP Customizer
  • Seamless MRP integration
  • 21 CFR 11b Auditing and Security
  • Full featured Quality Control with test batteries and multiple readings per test

For more information on the O2 process manufacturing solution, please call us at 866-624-2600 or visit our Sage 500 ERP and Process Manufacturing pages. Also, for Food & Beverage Manufacturing please visit our Food & Beverage page.

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