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Looking for manufacturing software that is simple to install, quick to implement, and easy to use? MISys Manufacturing for Sage 300 ERP was designed to fit small- to medium-sized manufacturing firms with the basic functionality they need, but expand with advanced capabilities as growth demands.
The software is modular, so you purchase only the functionality you need now. Start with the basic manufacturing capabilities and add modules for additional functionality as your needs grow:

MISys Level 1
Level 1 provides the basic functionality all manufacturing firms need: inventory control, multi-level bills of material, revision control, and integrated purchasing. It's the perfect place to start to get your production operations under control.

MISys Level 2
When the time is right, move up to Level 2, which adds production control, master production scheduling (MPS), and material requirements planning (MRP) capabilities.

MISys Level 3
Add MISys Level 3 to zero-in on your shop floor operations and get detailed production efficiency and cost analyses.

MISys Custom Configurator
Do you need the ability to create custom configurations of standard products? In a typical order entry system, it can be very difficult to know which components go with which in any given configuration. MISys solves this problem with the introduction of Custom Configurator, a rules-based configuration tool designed to meet the needs of sales organizations that deliver specific variations of a product based on a pre-defined set of configuration options.

Anyone who has purchased a new car, or even a personal computer, has experienced rules-based configuration. "If you want leather seats, you must have the 'Comfort Group' which includes heated mirrors and pneumatic cup-holders." Or, "if you want a CD-ROM and a DVD drive, you need a 200-watt power supply, but you cannot have a ZIP? drive."

Because a sales order created with the MISys Custom Configurator is constrained to certain pre-defined combinations of components, the program is called a "rules-based configurator." This means that it maintains a set of rules that dictate which components of the order are allowed, required, or excluded.

For more information on MISys manufacturing solutions, please call us at 866-624-2600.

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