Intacct ERP

Tame your complex multi-entity financials with unmatched visibility and flexibility

Intacct is the best-in-class, cloud ERP solution designed to automate your financial processes and turn your finance department into a strategic driver of company growth.

Our clients tell us that their businesses are transformed with Intacct. Why? Two primary reasons:

  1. Intacct makes your business more efficient. By automating processes, improving oversight and controls and increasing accuracy and compliance, Intacct simply makes your business run better. This is every day, every week, every month stuff. With Intacct, your finance team will run more efficiently, while letting each part of the organization use the best tools for their part of the job. But that’s not enough.

  2. Intacct also empowers them to drive performance and growth. As financial managers you’re asked to do more than execute a process. You’re expected to provide information – valuable information – to run your business better. Lots of solutions can give you a snapshot dashboard of metrics. Intacct lets you dig deeper to understand the true dynamics of your business; Intacct provides visibility into both your financial and operating data letting you make better long-term, strategic decisions.

And, Intacct is flexible. Growth companies, such as yours, are dynamic. As your needs change, so does Intacct – so you can manage your business for the long term. Efficiency plus growth. With Intacct you get both.

Why Financial Managers Love Intacct

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