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Solutions: Sage ERP Document Management

Document management is one of the more popular buzz-phrases in business technology today. It's no wonder - the cost required to deal with the ever-increasing mounds of paper is significant. Consider the total cost of:

  • Employee time to file and retrieve documents
  • Storage costs - onsite and offsite
  • Increased government regulations for document management
  • Photocopies
  • Lost or misfiled documents
  • Paper, toner cartridges, and general printer wear & tear, and
  • Band-aids, gauze, and other first aid supplies arising from those nasty papercuts!

If you find yourself hunting down paper documents in filing cabinets and storage boxes, it’s time to go paperless with Sage ERP Document Management powered by Altec. Gain visibility to documents electronically to better serve your customers, get invoices paid in a timely manner and make auditing a breeze.

Sage ERP Document Management
  • Do documents get lost?  Store them electronically so they can be instantly accessed them from the desktop – but only by users with the appropriate security rights.
  • Is printing, storing and shipping documents getting expensive?  Route them electronically to save paper, time and money!
  • Have to search through files for related documents?  Sage ERP Document Management allows you to instantly see all documents associated with a particular order, vendor, customer, etc. and automatically send the ones your customer needs in the delivery method they requested.
  • Does it take a lot of time to get approvals?  Set up automatic email notifications and the ability to approve documents remotely via Smart Phone.

When you take paper out of the equation, and you’re equipped with the right tools, the opportunities for improved efficiencies are endless!  Whether it’s the AP process, sales order processing, HR On-boarding, expense reports – you name it and we can show you how to do it more effectively.

Call us at 866-624-2600 to find out how Sage ERP Document Management can eliminate the paper and give you control of the process. 

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