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Thursday, May 28th 2015
Glendale Hilton

Your future holds tremendous opportunities and seeing the technology landscape clearly is essential. To provide the clarity you need to make the best decisions, we are packing the day's schedule with valuable insights to provide you with "A 20/15 Vision For Your Future."

Why 20/15? To have 20/15 vision is sharper than 20/20! And, when you attend Connections 2015, you'll receive  strategic insight into how best to prepare your business for success in 2020!

Connections Schedule

Time Event
7:30 AM Registration for Excel Class Attendees
8:00 AM Take Your Excel Skills to the Next Level Class
9:00 AM Registration
10:00 AM Welcome
10:15 AM General Session - Keynote: 20/15 Vision for Your Future
11:00 AM General Session - Customer Panel: Arxis Customer Cloud Journey
11:45 AM General Session - A Word from Marquis Sponsors
12:15 PM Lunch
1:15 PM Breakout Session 1
  • Tips & Tricks for Intacct
    (Audience: Intacct customers)
  • Tips & Tricks for Sage 100
    (Audience: Sage 100 customers)
  • Tips & Tricks for Sage 300
    (Audience: Sage 300 customers)
  • Tips & Tricks for Sage 500
    (Audience: Sage 500 customers)
2:05 PM Break
2:15 PM Breakout Session 2
3:05 PM Break
3:15 PM Breakout Session 3
4:15 PM Closing Keynote: Inspector Gadget
5:00 PM Closing
5:15 PM Reception
7:30 PM Conference Ends

2015 Connections Session Descriptions

Pre-Conference Training

Take Your Excel Skills to the Next Level

According to an informal survey of accounting personnel, "Excel skills" ranked just above "brown paper packages tied up with strings" and just below "schnitzel with noodles" (yum!) on their scale of favorite things. With that in mind, Marc Hall and Jason Blankenship, resident Arxis Excel and reporting gurus, will share 75 minutes of their best tips and tricks for more effectively using Excel to accelerate and automate everyday tasks. During this hands-on lab, you'll learn the following:

  • Useful Excel functions (Vlookup, Sumif, etc.)
  • Pivot tables and charts
  • Data visualization (charts, graphs, sparklines, etc.)
  • Conditional formatting
  • Macros
  • Shortcut keys
  • Formulas and named ranges
  • Filters and slicers
  • More!

(Continental breakfast included; sorry, no schnitzel or noodles.)

Morning Sessions

General Session Keynote: 20/15 Vision for Your Future

Technology continues to evolve at dizzying speed. The opportunities afforded by new technology, specifically cloud computing, are truly exciting, but also present many complex questions. Where should my business focus? Where should we invest? What emerging technologies should we keep our eye on? What solutions are more hype than substance? What are other businesses doing and why? If cloud is inevitable, when do we make a move?

Seeing the technology landscape clearly is essential. Toward that end, Bob Gaby and David Cieslak, Arxis Principals, will share recent industry research as well as their own personal experience in speaking with scores of small- and mid-sized businesses. You'll gain clarity on existing and future opportunities in order to best help your organization take advantage of the latest and greatest technology.

General Session Customer Panel: Arxis Customer Cloud Journey

In this customer panel, you'll glean insight and advice from the cloud journey of four, unique Arxis customers. While they're similar in that each customer has taken strategic steps to embrace cloud technology, they're all at different stages of the process.

In other words, if "cloud" were a swimming pool, you'll hear from customers whose experience ranges from performing flips off the high-dive into the deep end (i.e. all in), playing volleyball in the shallow end (hybrid of cloud and on-premises), and squirting the lifeguard with a Super Soaker (we made that up).

Regardless, all have helpful experience to share that can help to guide your journey to the successful implementation of new technology. So grab your flippers and come on in - the water's fine!

Afternoon Sessions

Breakout Session 1

Your Software Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks are hugely popular. There's an old proverb that says, "Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, but give an accountant tips and tricks for better utilizing their ERP software and they'll show up for your customer conference" Or something like that. Join us for a session designed to help you use your ERP software more effectively. Work smarter, increase insight, and have more fun!

  • Tips & Tricks for Intacct
  • Tips & Tricks for Sage 100
  • Tips & Tricks for Sage 300
  • Tips & Tricks for Sage 500

Breakout Session 2

Excel Reporting Nirvana

You're probably familiar with Excel-based reporting. It's familiar, fairly straightforward, but tends to be incredibly manual and time consuming. But what if we told you that you could keep the "familiar" and "easy" aspects, and jettison the "manual" and "inefficient" parts? Welcome to Excel Reporting Nirvana!

While BizNet is known for its strong, Excel-based financial reporting solution, the focus of this session is to showcase the new Sage & Intacct Connectors for your operational reporting needs.

In addition to GL, Sage users can now access any data for AR, AP, SO, PO, and Inventory through prebuilt connectors. Users can easily build any report, dynamic list or function (with drill down) quickly & simply, all in Excel. Or, just get quick answers to questions with a few clicks.

The same reporting capabilities are also available for Intacct. BizNet has been re-architected specifically for Intacct cloud (no server component) and provides pre-built connectors to all Intacct dimensions!

Audience: Sage and Intacct

Focus on AP Automation

Accounts Payable is not traditionally the most exciting part of any organization. Historically, processes tend to be fairly straightforward, routine, humdrum and mundane. You know - necessary but boring. Prepare to have your eyes opened to all the cool things you can do to transform your Accounts Payable process with the help of Altec and AvidXChange:

  • Altec - Sage's endorsed document management solution for AP and the rest of your organization; integrated with Sage 100, 300, and 500
  • AvidXchange - a complete invoice & AP automation solution from capture, routing / approval, reporting, and payment; integrated with Sage 100 and Intacct

Audience: Sage and Intacct

Streamline Common Sage 300 Processes

Sage 300 users - this is your opportunity to consider a number of ways to increase productivity and streamline processes, including:

  • Multi-entity management: maintain master files in one company and copy this data across multiple companies to ensure consistency including GL Accounts, AR Customers and AP Vendors.
  • User management: copy or remove user rights from one company to another or from one Employee to another; within 1 company or across multiple companies.
  • Check management: put controls in place for printing checks and posting payment batches by forcing a two-step approval process that works across multiple company databases.
  • Document management: store documents against any field in Sage 300 ERP and have these automatically pop-up to alert users of important information while processing transactions.

Audience: Sage 300

Accessorize Your Sage ERP Solution

Your ERP software forms the foundation of your business management software. But just like a fashionable necklace, scarf, or bag helps to complete an outfit, add-on solutions can provide you with a comprehensive solution. This session will cover three complementary (as in, "something that enhances the qualities of another;" not as in "free") solutions to extend the value of Sage ERP for your organization and your key relationships.

  • Sage CRM - manage sales, marketing, and customer service in order to better acquire, retain, and satisfy customers
  • Sage Alerts & Workflow - deliver automated alerts about any business condition in Sage ERP and create workflow to support your internal processes
  • Sage Payment Solutions - process payments (credit card, debit card, checks, mobile payments, more) from anywhere (online, on the phone, even a customer's location)

Audience: Sage 100, 300, 500

Breakout Session 3

The Secret to Supercharging Budgeting, Planning, Analysis and Reporting

If you're still using Excel as the foundation for your budgeting and planning processes, then you've got an incredible opportunity to do things faster, more accurately, and more effectively. Join this session and find out how Adaptive Insights can help you cut hundreds of manual spreadsheets for planning and reporting, eliminate error prone and risky roll-ups, and streamline budget approval cycles. See Adaptive Insights in action and learn how you can:

  • Use the cloud to supercharge Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence
  • Spend less time on tactical finance tasks and more time on strategy
  • Build a collaborative planning process
  • Eliminate risk of error from manual processes
  • Produce timely reporting and analysis
  • Deliver frequent rolling forecasts
  • Make better, faster, more-informed business decisions

Audience: Sage and Intacct

Expel Inefficiency from Your Organization

Battling manual processes in an organization is a struggle. Inefficiency has a way of sneaking in, sitting down in the recliner, and helping itself to your Diet Coke and Cheetos. Before you know it, it's got control of the remote and forcing you to refill the snack bowl! This session will provide several ideas for kicking inefficiency to the curb in a number of key areas:

  • Time and expense management - Nexonia
  • Sales tax automation and compliance - Avalara
  • eCommerce - Website Pipeline
  • Shipping integration - V Technologies

Audience: Sage and Intacct

Improve your Business Reporting

Is it past time to improve the ease and effectiveness of your business reporting? Perhaps you're clinging to the hope FRx is still alive and simply hiding at Graceland (it's dead). Maybe you've resigned yourself to manually creating reports in your favorite spreadsheet application (there's a better way). Or perhaps you think things like automated report distribution and/or consolidations are for accounting lightweights (what is wrong with you?). **News Flash!** Let it go! There really is a better way! You're Fine! Attend this session to see how two different solutions - Renovofyi and Sage Intelligence - can significantly automate and improve your reporting: consolidations, drill-down analysis, report creation, distribution, and more.

Audience: Sage 100, 300, 500 ERP

Executive/CXO Session

Hear from thought leaders in the industry concerned about your success

Join your peers and other industry leaders to network and discuss some of the key issues facing company executives today. We're planning to discuss the following topics:

  • Cloud computing
  • Process automation
  • BYOD / tools for cloud computing success
  • Cloud security / risks
  • Moving from on-premises to cloud

In addition, we want to hear from you! Bring your unique experience and insight into your challenges, concerns, and anything else on your mind. There's a lot we can learn from each other.

Closing Keynote: Inspector Gadget

With technology innovation continuing at a dizzying pace, is your organization investing its technology budget wisely? Are you concerned you might be buying yesterday's technology with little or no hope for return on investment? This keynote will explore the latest technological advancements and trends for 2015 and beyond. From smart phones to tablets and convertibles to Ultrabooks and the cloud, discover how these gadgets can be utilized to streamline processes, improve control, increase efficiencies and ensure your organization is properly poised to fully leverage technology in the years ahead.


Glendale Hilton
100 West Glenoaks Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91202
(818) 956-5466

Arxis Contact Information:
Phone: 866-624-2600 x131

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